Middle School

Sometimes kids can act mean.  When they continue to be mean, it becomes unbearable.  Some kids put other kids down because they think it helps them fit in with the cooler crowd.  Some kids beat on others because it makes them feel powerful.  Either way, kids who bully others are not good friends to have around.  Even if it feels important to belong to a group, it is also important to feel good about yourself.  If there are others that are trying to make you feel bad about yourself, you can do something about it.  Talk to an adult.  Adults aren’t perfect and they don’t always see the bullying behavior.  But keep trying!  Find people you can talk to about problems you’re having.  Find real friends who will be kind to you and fun to hang out with.  All kids deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.  For more information on what you can do go to these websites to get great ideas to deal with bullying.